Tutoring Services

If you have the time to regularly spend with your child on school matters,
and, if your child responds well when you offer such help,
then, you need read this page no further,
(but, please e-mail it on to another parent).

Don't wait for the first report cards to come home,
help your child start the school year right -
sign up for tutoring now!

Whether a struggling remedial student
or an academic superstar,
every child can benefit
from the one-on-one education
and personal attention
of a professional tutor -
a knowledgable, experienced, and skilled
Ph.D. in Education - Dr. Andy Mars.

Dr. Mars does not just help in learning the material needed
for the child's present schooling situation,
but he also helps the child
develop learning skills
that can be applied throughout life.

Call or e-mail for more information. Our contact information is below.